"Fading People"
- part of masters thesis (2015)

A cherished photo is downloaded to the photoframe and the software fades the photo out to black in the course of approx. 24 hours. To regain full brightness the little knob is turned. The prototype consists of an old laptop moderated with an old picture frame and a piece of board to cover the keyboard, Processing software application, Arduino board, an old tin can, a knob with a magnet connected to reed sensor (magnetic sensor).

“Fading People” is one of three technology probes forming part of my masters thesis at Malmö University “Exploring slow technology in the home”. Inspired by the small gestures and rituals of everyday life, this experimental prototype introduces “winding up” an image as if it was an old clock. The prototype proved to make people relate and reflect differently on photos when they had to make this small gesture every now and then. By uploading a cherished photo the participants were forced to relate to the impermanence of life and it thus became provocative for some - they simply didn’t like to see a loved one fade out.

You can download my masters thesis here