Flytterodet (2013)
Codesign project with wastehandling company Vestforbrænding

Working a with a co-design approach. We designed dialog tools for Danish waste handling company Vestforbrænding. The dialog tools are ment to collect valuable insights that the usual interviews and surveys can't do. We focused on situations where people have to get rid of large amounts of stuff for ex. when you are moving to a smaller place such as elderly moving to a nursing home. It ended up being 1) a game where you have to relate to a video portrait of a person in a moving situation and choose what to get rid of on behalf of the portrayed person. Next you must choose as your self. This facilitates effectively discussion and reflection upon waste handling practise. 2) A 2nd game where you first identify barriers (symbolized by wooden blocks in different sizes) on the way to eg the recycling station and then discuss how to overcome the barriers by building latters of arguments. This game generates ideas and highlights problems in the wastehandling practise as well. This project was made with Anneli Westerberg and Jeremy Daepp