Memento Mori - experimental short movie (2013)

...Memorabilia from the life of an elderly lady materialize in the drawer of a magical table and she remembers times past..."

Memento Mori (remember you must die) is a term, among others, related to the Dutch painters of the 17th century. In this project I wanted to express the Memento Mori and the frailty of life. The starting point for the creation of this short film is a dumpster dived table which I hacked and redesigned. The table is touch sensitive and run by an arduino microcontroller. Human touch causes small lamps in the "knee joints" to light up and to melt the joints from the heat - and ultimately the table to crash. The table plays a central role in the short film and acts as a reflection of a lifespan of an old lady.
OBS! Please watch on Vimeo for HD quality