- part of masters thesis(2015)

Connect your TV or any electric device you want limited access to in your house to the jammer. When you want to use your device you must first warm up the little globe in your hands or anywhere on your body for 5-10 minutes. This is time where can’t do many other things - maybe time for reflection? When the globe is sufficiently warm your device will turn on. The prototype consisted of parts of a discarded Ikea chandelier, temperature sensor, led, a relay, and Arduino board.

“TV-jammer” is one of three technology probes forming part of my masters thesis at Malmö University “Exploring slow technology in the home”. The TV-jammer is a counter technology introducing the concept of delaying the availability of of media - in this case the television. The inescapable 10 minutes boredom of this physically intrusive probe lead to interesting situations where users were forced to think about their use of the TV. It thus showed the potentials for delays in our access to technologies. The probe created unexpected moments of social interaction.

Download my thesis here